Studio Details

MAYA Digital Studios' head office has a 15000 sq. ft. state of the art studio in the main Mumbai/Film City location and seating space for over 400 Artists Maya Digital Studios executed a multi system agreement with Assimilate to become a Scratch-Centric Facility. We believe that the Assimilate Scratch platform: Scratch Lab & Scratch Finish offer remarkable and flexible tools for the support of VFX and 3D post production. MAYA Digital Studios has executed a multi system agreement with Assimilate to become a Scratch-Centric Facility. MAYA endorses the Assimilate Scratch platform studio-wide. This includes Scratch Lab & Scratch Finish which offers remarkable and flexible capabilities for the support of VFX and 3D post production.

MAYA is inter-connected by a 2nd generation High-Speed 10 GBPS Network cabling network. The operating system is 64-Bit Windows based platform using a high speed network backbone of Foundry and CISCO core switches. MAYA's render farm is powered by several hundred Quad Core blades each equipped with 16 GB RAM per blade. Renders are handled at fast speeds using 64-Bit Window HPC Servers 2008. MAYA uses Industry standard software like Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Max, and Mental Ray. Editing and line-ups utilize Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro. The Studio is connected to our international clients with high-speed redundant internet lease lines and FTP servers. Maya's recently developed 2D Animation services are on the Harmony platform from Toonboom.

Maya has recently opened up branch studio facilities at Goa, Bengaluru, Cochin & Pune. Technologically similar to the Mumbai head office, these local facilities ensure further streamlining of daily operations and provide opportunities for native local talent to be a part of Maya, with its localised operations.

You learn an entire gamut of skills required in the Animation, 3D Stereoscopy & Digital Visual Effects Industry. The aim is to stimulate you to develop critical judgment, sound research skills and an ability to think creatively.

About Maya Digital Studios

Maya Digital Studios (MDS) pioneered the art & technology of animation & visual effects in India and is one of the largest animation and Visual Effects studio in India and has operational studio in Mumbai. One of the earliest animation studios in India, MDS was promoted by internationally acclaimed film maker Ketan Mehta and continues under his creative lead. It is a tight, successful, 300-person outfit and well-positioned to collaborate and deliver high-quality, creative work within schedules and budgets.

MDS has, in the past, delivered award-winning International animation work for global clients including BBC, Disney, Google, Sony, Electronic Arts, Ragdoll Inc UK, Rainbow, Mike Young Productions, Activision, Brown Bag Films, VGI Entertainment. Our work has been awarded across several prestigious events including the IFTA, BAFTA, PULCINELLA, FICCI and GDC.

The Studio is currently focusing on several IPR and commissioned projects for Television and Digital platforms including 3D/HD and 2D/HD Animation Series and Features, Visual Effects & 2D to Stereoscopic 3D Conversion of original content. These include ongoing projects for almost all domestic children's broadcasting content like Nickelodeon, Disney, Discovery Kids, Turner Broadcasting.

Team Maya

Ketan Mehta : Chairman & Managing Director

Ketan Mehta, one of India's most internationally acclaimed filmmakers, is a recipient of many national & international awards. A graduate in Economics from the prestigious St. Stephens college, Delhi and Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, he has over 30 years experience in the Entertainment industry with expertise in Film, Television, Commercials and Documentaries. He has produced and directed 10 feature films, produced TV series for all the premier broadcasters in India. His well known works include: Mangal Pandey - The Rising, Maya Memsaab, Sardar, Mirch Masala, Holi and Bhavni Bhavai.

Deepa Sahi : Co-founder & Director

Deepa Sahi is a well-known actor, screenplay writer, film and television producer, media entrepreneur and feature film director. She is a gold medalist from the Delhi School of Economics and a graduate of the National School of Drama. Ms. Sahi has over 15 years of experience in the Film and TV industry. After a successful career as a film actress, Ms. Sahi became a producer in 1992 with the feature film "Maya Memsaab". She has produced 7 feature films and 7 TV series, in addition to numerous ads and documentaries.

Anish Mehta - CEO

Balancing the commerce of the business thanks to his Chartered Accountancy along with the art on account of his keen interest in the process of content creation enables Anish to manage the financials & operations at the Studio and also look into the day to day functioning of the business from a production as well as operations perspective. Taking up different challenges and setting up start-ups in action has been his forte. He has in the past established FutureWorks, one of India's leading post-production houses. He was the Chief Operating Officer at the company and under his guidance the studio grew to strength of 300+ employees.

Creative Team

Suhas Kadav - Creative Director - Television Series

Responsibilities at Maya:
* In charge of Pre-Production, Animation & Overall Creative Supervision
* Direction of projects (Animated TV Series/ Feature Films)


* Over 12 years of experience across leading studios
* Alumnus of the prestigious Sir J.J. School of Arts
* Has mentored many young artists who are today highly sought after successful animators

Dheeraj Berry - Creative Producer

Responsibilities at Maya:
* Responsible for the entire production work on the studio floor, across animation, visual effects & 2D to 3D conversion
* Streamlining all the operations and ensuring smooth workflow across projects, across business divisions including creative supervision on all the projects


* Well-rounded, diversified over 10 years of experience in the fields of animation, 3D stereoscopy, VFX, TV production, Ad films production, Post-production & assistant direction

Tarit Nath - Project Director - Modelling

Responsibilities at Maya:
* In charge of the entire processes of modeling & texturing for the animation projects
* Creative Direction of projects (Animated TV Series/ Feature Films)


* Overall 12 years of experience across film/TV/Ad projects, domestic & international

Ranjeet Kumar - HOD - Lighting

Responsibilities at Maya:
* In charge of the Lighting department at Maya including lighting, shading


* 8 years of experience in CG animation across domestic & international TV, film & Ad projects

Ram N Dhumne - HOD - Compositing

Responsibilities at Maya:
* In charge of the compositing department for all CG/VFX/conversion work
* Mentoring professionals for the 2D to 3D Stereoscopic conversion division


* Over 8 years of experience in post-production & visual effects and high end digital compositing for TV series & feature films across renowned studios
* The Lead 'Scratch Colorist' for Maya, Heads the Digital Color Correction Division

Vishal Ratnalikar - Animation Director (HOD)

Aruna Kumar - CCO & Broadcast Relations

A post graduate in marketing, Aruna has over 15 years of experience in animation & visual effects education training business. She has been extremely adept across all the functions within the education training value chain. Besides setting up training centres across the country singlehandedly while handling the operations, logistics and business targets, Aruna has also played a key role in the lives of students who have successfully made the transition from training institutes to animation studios. She has played a significant role in the training process of over 20000 animation and visual effects professionals in the country today. Many of these candidates are successful studio professionals across the leading studios worldwide.
Aruna has the right blend of leadership and experience for the pioneering venture in the Indian animation and visual effects industry. Her in depth understanding of the need gap in the industry with regards to the advanced training facilities and the studio ready Training Modules offered at MIST will be the important agent of change for the animation and visual effects industry.
MIST has born out of a critical studio need. Recently when Maya was recruiting fresher’s for its upcoming animation, visual effects and 3D stereoscopy projects the studio interviewed/tested over 2000 candidates from across leading training institutes in the country.

Our Projects (Videos)

Latest News

The March edition of POST magazine pointed out MAYA Digital Studios for its collaboration efforts with Hollywood DI, the post-production house on the 3D stereoscopic feature film, \93Static\94. This horror film was originally shot with a 3D dual camera/beam splitter rig and required several shots to be corrected via post conversion from 2D to 3D as well as numerous 3D visual effects shots. The film is now making the film festival circuit, was completed surprisingly for under a half Million dollars all in, a fact that few people would realize when watching this suspenseful paranormal saga.

Also in March, MAYA was invited to speak at the India Conference presented by the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy Center, Boston, Massachusetts. MAYA\92s, Frank Foster was joined by \93Sholay\94 clients Sascha Sippy and Siddhartha Jayaka, to address the topic of \93Outsourcing and the Growth of the Indian Technology Industry in Entertainment\94. Harvard professor, Bharat Anand moderated the discussion.


Diigtal Matte Painting - 20 Openings Digital Matte Painting Exp - 0 - 3yrs Good Sense of perspective Color Knowledge Good Sense of perspective Good knowledge with Photoshop Good Photo Manipulation
Story Board Artist - 20 Openings Exp - 0 - 3yrs Good Knowledge Camera Angles Good Communication with Director Good Drawings / Angle Knowledge Good Perspective /Continuity Good Visualization skill
Concept Designing - 20 Openings Exp - 0-3yrs Character & Background Knowledge Good Communication with director Good Knowledge Of Colors & perspective Good Visualization Skill
Human Resources - (Male - Night Shift) Position Type: Full time ( Night Shift) ( Initial 1 month \96 In Evening ) Designation: HR Generalist (Male Candidates Only) Job location : Mumbai, No of yrs of exp : 1 - 3 yrs in generalist profile, Qualification : Any graduate with 1 \96 2yrs Exp as Corporate HR
Admin - (Male - Night Shift) Position Type: Full time ( Night Shift) Designation: Admin Executive(Male Candidates Only) Job location : Goa , No of yrs of exp : 1 - 2yrs , Qualification : Any graduate
Account Executive Exp-0.6 - 1yr Software: Tally ERP .9
3D Animation\A080 openings opening for 80 Artists, Technically very sound in Autodesk Maya,Exp: Freshers - 1yr.
Lighting\A020 Openings Should be proficient in Autodesk MAYA. Experience Required- 0.6 - 6 years. Strong lighting knowledge, Knowledge of UV unwrapping.
CG Compositing\A020 Openings Compositing Artist , Must have thorough knowledge of node-based compositing systems, Software : Nuke, Exp :0 to 2yrs.
Modelling & Texturing Artist\A060 Openings Strong knowledge of Character blends shape , xperience with Maya, 3DS Max, Z-brush, Photoshop , Exp :0 to 2yrs.
Effects\A020 Openings Exp :0 to 1yr , Should Have knowledge of Maya & Real flow.
Shading Artist Exp -3 -6yrs Strong shading and Texturing knowledge Strong color sense and theory Strong lighting knowledge


MIST is a first of its kind initiative by an Indian studio to provide an advanced training module for the young professionals, with an opportunity to work on live projects during the formative years of their careers. Under this initiative, there will be a dedicated training programme integrated within the studio facility, which focuses on a Studio Ready Training Modules.

Core Philosophy

At MAYA, employees are central to our work and our efforts are focused around the requirements of industry. Therefore, our prime objective is to prepare professionals who are armed to succeed in the workplace.

We believe that traditional knowledge-based education is no longer meeting the requirements of employers or the aspirations of learners. We have therefore moved beyond academia and transformed ourselves into a truly professional training organization.

Our training is modelled on the real world of work. Our curriculum and learning materials are mapped to real business processes. Indeed, we aim to train rather than just educate; assess rather than just examine; produce doers rather than thinkers; and we instill in our learners a professional value system that will make them valuable corporate citizens.

Learning is a lifelong process and training needs will change at various stages of a professional's life. Hence we have devised a system which will provide lifelong learning and placement support at every stage of a learner's career.

* Chance to learn and work with a production house model and an opportunity to work with some of the finest & most respected artists from the industry
* Intensive training & exposure to understand the production pipeline & the process
* Gives the participant's time to understand the studio's expectations in terms of quality, working style and other studio practices
* Makes the participants studio ready, as they can start working on a project immediately after finishing their term at the Incubation Centre

Studio Ready Training Modules

Every professional needs a strong academic foundation. But only theoretical expertise cannot be your tool to excel in the professional world. Academic modules impart you with the basic skill-sets, but do not give you a taste of the real world, the studio environment. In order to overcome this hindrance in your path to professional success, we at Maya have designed special Studio Ready Training Modules which train you not merely in theory but give you the practical experience of working on live projects.

The focus at Maya is to create professionals who are ready to take on the studio world. Each training module has been structured in a manner that will bring the best of your creativity and channelize your energies in a manner that will help you perform and deliver your best within an actual studio environment. Thus, they are referred to as Studio Ready Training Modules.

You learn an entire gamut of skills required in the Animation, 3D Stereoscopy & Digital Visual Effects Industry. The aim is to stimulate you to develop critical judgment, sound research skills and an ability to think creatively while handling pressures and time frames.

Our Training Modules are dynamic and constantly upgraded to meet the industry requirements. We encourage you to experiment and innovate with different forms of communication and to explore your creativity to the fullest.

The Need for MIST

The animation and visual effects industry is a booming industry in India with a projected CAGR of 21% as predicted by the industry experts. 2D to stereoscopic 3D conversion has further triggered the growth of the industry by providing an additional broad-based, sustainable revenue stream to the industry.

Year on year, thousands of budding animation & visual effects professionals pass out from various training academies. The training academies thrive on the success of the industry and today there are multiple centres offering similar courses which perhaps make the candidates software ready. However, in spite of paying hefty fees for these vocational courses almost 70% of the software trained professionals do not secure a job within the first year of finishing the course. The career dreams of these thousands of budding studio professionals are shattered right at the beginning and the stories of the industry's success become only glorified paper statistics for them.

From the studios' perspective too this isn't a healthy sign, as there is a serious lack of properly trained and skilled manpower. Since the industry doesn't get the rightfully trained professionals, studios have to invest in the studio training of new joinees, thereby leading to increased production cycles and hence a reduction in production efficiency. This is a potential hindrance for a growing industry. The primary reasons for this imbalance in the industry's harmony are: * Disconnect in the industry requirements & course curricula at the training institutes
* Training institutes typically focus on software knowledge rather than making them production ready
* None of the faculty members are practicing industry professionals

Sensing this need for the industry and more importantly in order to impart the right studio relevant skills to the young animation, visual effects and 3D stereoscopy enthusiasts, Maya Digital Studios has strategically launched MIST. MIST will provide the right stepping stone into the studio careers of those who are passionate about this magical industry but don't know how to approach and conquer the milestones of success. MIST strives to provide the best in industry training and live project work to the students at the very beginning of their careers, effectively positioning them, leaps ahead of their peers both in terms of training as well as experience.

The highlights of MIST

In an industry first, MIST brings practicing industry professionals face to face with the beginners in a freewheeling interaction through the training and live project work. The exchange of ideas between the industry veterans and passionate young minds will facilitate a symbiotic learning environment where the skills learnt will not be restricted to any computer softwares.

The techniques highlighted within the courses are not software dependent and would thus be adapted seamlessly across all the existing as well as evolving software platforms.

An internship on live projects is perhaps the best way to learn and make a mark for oneself in the industry of one's own choice and that is exactly what MIST brings for the budding animation, visual effects & 3D stereoscopy professionals.

MIST is a significant step for the industry, which will not only create a pool of advanced skilled employees but will further boost the employability of those who are passionate about this industry.